Three Wise Birds

You can call it craft, you can call it premium, we even call it ‘NZ style’. Truth is you can call it what you want, we’re just trying to make really good cider, for you to enjoy. Three Wise Birds is a Hawke’s Bay based cider company, run by brothers Jack and Charley Crasborn. A family name synonymous with the apple industry and growing world-class produce. The brothers have a history from the soil; having grown up on the family’s orchards in the fruit bowl of New Zealand. The lads grew up picking, packing and selling the very apples they now use and as such have a great understanding of the quality that goes into making their cider. A true branch to bottle story. We’re big on premium ingredients, real flavours and good times. To make this happen we believe in making our cider from only the best New Zealand apple varieties grown here in the Hawke’s Bay. Giving our cider, clean, crisp and refreshingly dry characteristics. Characteristics we believe fit the New Zealand way of life, whether it be the backyard, the beach or beyond.


Managing Director and Head of Marketing and Sales; a sociable bloke that does not mind spinning a yarn or two. After five years at Otago Uni gaining him a BCom in Marketing and a negative bank balance, Charley took off for greener pastures, literally, as he embarked on a less than impressive cricket career offshore. With reality finally hitting in due to injury and lack of ability, he ventured home to join brother Jack on a new adventure. Charley has set out to make Three Wise Birds a unique brand in the cider market, one that is fun, fashionable and fresh. A brand that resonates with consumers, and shows off the relaxed enjoyable kiwi lifestyle.


Managing Director and Three Wise Birds Head Cider maker; and if there was ever anyone that could organise a piss-up in a brewery he’s your man. Jack’s a hands-on sort of bloke, and has dabbled in his fair share of physical pursuits. Settling mainly to surf life saving and rugby, but that’s not to leave out a bit of waka-ama, swimming, surfing and the odd boat race. Jacks overly experienced palette for alcohol however, has lead him to a career in cider making, where a hands on approach and growing up on the orchards has lead him to excel in this field- with a fresh approach to cider making. Jack aims to create clean, crisp and refreshingly dry ciders that fit his and all kiwis way of life.


Ricks, Eddie and Lou Crasborn are the brothers behind the brothers (yup, we’re a true family business). The brothers grew up in the Hawke’ s Bay, with a dream to grow from the land, fast forward over 40 years and they now grow some of the best apples and pears not only in New Zealand but the world over. Needless to say, Three Wise Birds have their apple supply covered, thanks to the expertise of these gentlemen.


At the spritely age of 80 and not a hip replacement in sight, he works as a cider advisor to Jack. Once winner of world’s best cider, Ian was inspired to come out of retirement to crush apples once again and pass on his knowledge and experience to Jack, and a new generation of cider maker.

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